Dear friend,

It is sometimes difficult to have a convincing dialogue with a person who unjustifiably adheres to a certain creed. Such adherence may be sincere bu the creed itself is wrong. Sincerity in this case becomes a matter of blind imitation rather than personal conviction and satisfaction. Assuming that one is personally satisfied with his tenet, this does not guarantee that one is going the right way. In terms of intellect and concept, this attitude is one sort of subjectivity: looking at things from one narrow perspective. In terms of conviction and belief, one's adherence becomes no more than bigotry. The religion of Islam, on the other hand, proudly avouches its own authenticity and truthfulness. But how can non-muslims be comfortably assured that such is the case? It is an indisputable fact that the more you know about something the less hostile, vague and indefinite it becomes to you. Thus, there is no better way for knowing about the nature of Islam and its genuineness than learning more about it, getting acquainted with its origin, message and purpose by studying and probing its basic and fundamental sources (i.e. The Holy Book (Quran) and The Traditions of The Prophet (Mohammed) peace be upon him). in this way, many misconceptions formed about Islam will surely be dismissed.

Speaking of other religions and doctrines, many non-muslims who have finally espoused Islam admit that they have always questioned the consistency and authenticity of the Scriptures, Testaments and sources of their religions and beliefs, whether in terms of basic tenets or in terms of honest historical documentation. Not only that but also reality testifies to the fact that religions other than Islam fail to meet the inherent needs if the human soul. This explains the escalating rate of suicide and dissatisfaction with life among non-muslims around the world no matter how rich and wordly indulged some of these victims may seem to be. Because Islam accurately manipulates and organizes the individual's life, it allows one to exercise daily life and maintain full spiritual comfort at the same time. In spite if that, people don't even bother to think  about searching for the truth!

When a Muslim invites others to Islam he doesn't do that to impose his own beliefs and ideas. Nor does he do that to gloat over a group of new other converts. Rather, he does what he does because he is expected, as a Muslim, to fulfill an obligation that commands him to share with others, in this world, an invaluable advantage that will basically bear ripe fruit in the Hereafter. In Islam, the black and white, the poor and rich... all from different classes, backgrounds and nationalities trust the authenticity and universality of their religion. They worship One God and believe in the common and single message of all Prophets. Hence, there is no wonder that a Muslim's mission is not that of seeking expedient or personal interests. Every true Muslim realizes the fact that it is totally egotistical selfishness to live securely within the boundaries of Islam while others are left roaming around without guidance.

Dear Friend,

It's a good thing to see in you vivid examples of diligence and productivity: hard working, loyal, accurate and indistrious. Yet. you discover that all the achievements you have once made turn out to be of no harvest. Days of glory, success and pride become the transitional images of a fleeting dream. There is no bigger liss than bringing ones deeds to total vitiation. This is what Allah has clearly stated in the Last Book, the Holy Quran, when describing the finality of disbelievers deeds. He says, "As for those who disbelieve, there deeds are like a mirage in the desert. The thirsty thinks it water, until he comes up to it, he finds it nothing; but he finds Allah there, Who will pay him his due (Hell) for Allah is Swift in taking account" ; Chapter24, verse:39. No matter how charitable and holy these deeds may seem, Allah will never accept them. Allah says in the Glorious Quran, "and who ever seeks a religion other than Islam, it will never be accepted of him, and in the Hereafter he will be one of the losers" ; Chapter: 3, verse 85. Sorry for using the harsh tone but the matter is of true momentousness and gratuitous indifference will lead you nowhere. As an open-minded person, you must not waste time in reluctance for life is shorter than you think. It's a fleeting image that disappears in a huge book of history. Then what? Is that all: living to die and dying to die? We hope you're not one of thise aimless futilitarians. You're a human being, and man, as a dignified and honorable creation of God, is not created to be treated in such manner. On this account, Islam, as a fullfledged statute of life, has been sent down to reform the spoilt nature of genuine man and restore the missing rapport between God, The supreme, and His vicegerent on earth.

My friend, there is always a way out. Allah, the Merciful, has promised never to leave helpless those who feel hopeless. He is there waiting for you, so what is taking you so long? For your own sake, just ponder over this verse, "Will they not return to Allah with repentance and ask His forgiveness? for Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful". Chapter 158, verse 74.

Before iniviting you to Islam, we invite you to think deeply, with objectivity as an ultimate arbiter. Just give way for some seriousness and try to deny yourself for a while.


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