"Some of the Islamic behavioral etiquettes"

  • Don't talk loudly and do not walk arrogantly.
  • Don't stay long when visiting a sick person, give him or her to rest.
  • One should smell good when he comes to the mosque . 
  • Those who ate garlic or onion should not come to the mosque, so as not to disturb the others by any unfavorable smell or act (e.g. burping)
  • Be helpful and give space others in crowded and congregation areas where finding a free space is difficult.
  • Call others with the names and nicknames they like.
  • Put your hand on mouth when yawning and bless others when they sneeze.
  • When talking to others , one should use the best and the most acceptable words to them so as they like it. The good word is alms (charity) in Islam.
  • Talk kindly to your parents and don't shout at their face, never say bad word even "uff or fie" (the smallest negative word in Arabic).
  • Children should always knock on the door and seek permission to enter, before going into their parents' room at certain times during the day.
  • If you are serving water to others, you are the last one to drink (a preferred etiquette).
  • If you are invited for a dinner or a banquet, eat from the closer pots to you and don't annoy the others.
  • Don't breath in a cup of water while drinking from it.
  • Lower your gaze, don't stare at women or at passing people.

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